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Big Data Podcast Presentation

This link will direct you to the podcast but then you will have to click download to open it up in iTunes. 

This is the link to the podcast!

Song Credits: The instrumental for “Sweet Creature” by Harry Styles was featured in this podcast.


I used Audacity for this project as well because I have become familiar with the set up and features on the software. I spent roughly two hours recording and editing the project so it took much less time this time around. I think the content of the podcast went really well because I focused on the main components of my essay as they were the most important so it very closely resembles the essay. I would probably change the volume of my voice now that I think about it or possibly have another person be my “interviewer” or something. I didn’t think this project was really suited for an interview so I went with the traditional podcast but it could have been a bit more spiced up if I included another person in there. The music could definitely be tweaked as well; I like the song choice because I did not want something obnoxiously loud or upbeat. If I had more time, I would definitely make sure my voice flowed throughout the podcast so it sounded natural and not completely edited. I also could have experimented with the music effects and seen which ones I liked best. One thing I wish could be fixed is to just have a link to the podcast instead of having to convert it to a YouTube video because it gets confused with a video.

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  1. I really liked your podcast! You sounded very confident in what you were telling us about. I also couldn’t tell if you made it in one take or several, so that’s very good! It makes listening to it easier. I like the pieces of information you took from your essay and decided to use in this podcast. It flowed nicely. I also appreciate that you added some subtle background music to keep us engaged. There were some odd noised near the end of the video, so I would try to make sure that doesn’t happen next time. Other than that I didn’t notice any problems. Really nice job!!

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